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  Name: Mr. R Gender: Male

  Wedlock: Single Nation: Han

  Residence: Guangdong-Qingyuan Age: 28

  Location: Guangdong-Dongguan Height: 173cm

  Target Locations: Guangdong

  Target Positions: Industry/Factories-Industrial Engineer

  Industry/Factories-Production Management Clerk

  Industry/Factories-Technic Engineer

  Target Jobs: Industrial Engineer、 Lean Engineer


  2005-09 ~ 2009-07 GuangDong University of Technology Industral Engineering Bachelor Degree


  2008-12 ~ 2008-12 Guopei Certificate Internal Quality Auditor Training &Qualification

  【company name】 (2011-07 ~ Present)

  Company Type: Private Enterprise Company Category: Electrical,Micro-electronics

  Job Title: Industrial Engineer Positions: Industrial Engineer

  Job Description: 1.NPI: process planning, fixture and equipment planning, prepare process checklist

  2.Standard time and capacity evaluation, line balance and prepare SOP for new products

  3.Maintain the usage of the consumptive material, standard time and capacity

  4.Perform line balance and improve process to rise capacity

  5.Design and improve the tools and fixture in the work site

  6.Monitor the efficiency of the production line, analyze these reasons manpower, machine, material , environment, method, push the relative dept to solve issues

  7.Kaizen project planning and push: Auto-machine introduce, production way optimize, manpower and material saving, etc

  Career Highlight:

  1.Auto-welding machine introduce: welding process operator saving(16 operators-12 operators=4 operators), line balance rate upgrade from 83% to 91%, solder wire saving 3.2grams, cost of solder wire saving 1.6 yuan RMB for each PCBA.

  2.Auto-packaging production line planning and implement: master carton packaging operator saving, every production line deploy 2 packaging operators for 8 lines, after introduce the new equipment it takes only 5 operator to seal the master carton

  3.Rear cabinet pre-process and final assembly combine: manpower saving include 1 conveyer, 1 visual inspector, 1 loading operator and 1unloading operator(total 4 operators), and saving the usage of bubble bag and partition board

  4.Decorative plate incoming package improvement: change the package material and simplify package way to reduce pack cost(from 0.13yuan to 0.09yuan RMB) and cut down unpack operation time( saving 12 seconds)

  5.Cooperate with RD to change PCBA process from dispensing process to solder paste process, in order to cut down welding failure rate after wave-soldering. In this case charge of PCBA fixture design and improvement evaluation(repairing welding time 140sec reduce to 70sec,4 repair welding operators cut down to 2 operators)

  6.According to the small order quantity of the product, study the less humanizing process for small products to reduce the change over loss time(38 operators*30minute-

  20 operator*40minutes=340minutes) and improve 8% of the motion effective rate

  Reason for Leaving: Not very good economic benifit of the company,little chance to promote both in position and welfare

  【company name】 (2009-07 ~ 2011-06)

  Company Type: Joint Venture Company Category: Electrical,Micro-electronics

  Job Title: Junior Engineer Positions: Industrial Engineer

  Job Description: 1.Establish and maintain the standard labor time, perform line balance to improve production capacity

  2.Load capacity assessment: Base on the MPS and the capacity of production line to forecast the workforce requirement

  3.Prepare the cost study report for new products, labor rate evaluate basis on factory operating cost, provide quotation to customer for special process

  4.Prepare the workshop layout and line layout design basis on logistics analysis

  5.Research and develop new packaging method, develop new suppliers for packing material, make order for new packing material and follow up the schedule

  6.Deal with customer complaint and settle products packaging issue, improve packaging method to satisfy customer

  Career Highlight:

  1. Function test man-machine operation improvement: cooperate with TE to disassemble

  and rearrange test item, and modify the way of program display in the monitor, in order

  to realize one person simultaneously operate two test machine

  2. Line balance improvement: provide the cycle time of each model to set up assemble line speed, and upgrade the line balance rate to 80% above for all model

  Reason for Leaving: Not a very good department to pratice and learn IE skill,seek more chance to enhance myself

  Special Skills

  Professional Title:

  Computer Level: national computer exam. grade 3

  Computer Skills: 1.Be familiar with Windows,be good at Microsoft office software;

  2.Have passed National Computer Rank Exam of database technology ;

  3.Mastery in Auto CAD of computer aided design software;

  Strengths: 1.Be familiar with method study and standard time measurement, know well about Work study technology including 5W1H inquire skill and ECRS four principles

  2.Mastery in IE seven techniques, comprehend production management essentials

  And the activity about 5S.

  3.Be familiar with logistics analysis during the production process, be capable of

  Facility planning and machine layout

  4.Know about the basis quality management tools, such as Seven QC Methods and FMEA technique

  Language Skills

  Chinese: Good Cantonese: Good

  English Level: CET-4

  English: Good

  Career Objective

  Career Direction: A position as IE engineer or Lean engineer which will use the IE concept and lean production to reduce the cost of enterprise running ,promote the competitive strength,as a result to achieve the win-win target with enterprise.


  Self Info.

  Self Assessment: 1.Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, have good sense in cost down, and have successful case of improvement

  2.Worked in Taiwan electronic company for almost two year, be familiar with SMT, DIP, repair welding, final assembly, test and packing process

  3.Strong hands-on skills, have experience in guiding operation for new production first MP

  4.Good skill in Auto-CAD, can design and make fixture in the workshop

  5.Good communication and organization skill in working with other department, have some experience in training

  6.Responsibility for work and a man of great loyalty, able to learn, patient and positive.







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